Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Eagles Over the Alps: Suvorov in Italy and Switzerland, 1799 Chris Duffy

Had a request for info on decent reads for the Suvorov campaigns - this one looks the best in English - it's a little expensive but you might be able to get it through the local library. Bumph reads
1799--Russia's greatest soldier was at war in Italy and Switzerland. Led by Suvorov, believed by many to be the equal of Napoleon, the Russian and Austrian troops claimed one victory after another against the French. Much more than strategy and tactics, this a story of adventure as a Russian army fights desperate rearguard actions, and tries to escape through cruel mountain passes in the night. Suvorov's memory is still treasured in the Russian armed forces today. The last and greatest campaign of this legendary soldier has found a fitting narrator in Christopher Duffy. Suvorov's marches and battles can be traced on the many maps, photographs, and original artwork recreates the appearance of the troops

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