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Русская армия в 1793 году. Russian army of 1793

Корабли штурмуют бастионы

Suvorov - Devil's bridge (1799)

 Suvorov (Russian: Суворов) is a 1941 Soviet film directed by Vsevolod Pudovkin and Mikhail Doller, based on the life of Russian general Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov (1729 – 1800), one of the few great generals in history who never lost a battle. The film premiered in Russia 23 January 1941 (i.e., before the German attack). It was released as General Suvorov in the USA. In 1941 Pudovkin, Doller, Cherkasov-Sergeyev, and Khanov received the Stalin Prize for the film. Complete movie here no subtitles 

1799 Russians from STP miniatures from St Petersburg

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Field Music

Wilhelm von Kobell (1766-1853), Musikzug eines Panduren-regiments marchiert mit klingenden Spiel durch das Lager, 1796.